Our expectations are very high and so are our standards…
CM Baseball League is committed to being a competitive baseball organization and developing baseball players by teaching fundamental skills. Our playbook is extensive and there is tremendous attention to the smallest detail. We expect our coaches and players to be on time and play hard at each practice and game.

Our Mission

Dinger Baseball (CM Baseball League) is an Arizona 501(c)(3) dedicated to advancing each player’s skill and confidence level. With accomplished coaches from the collegiate, professional, and high school ranks and competition at both national and international levels, Team Dinger creates a uniquely diverse and life-changing baseball experience.



FAQ about Team Dinger

How often will Chad Moeller work with my son?

Chad is involved in the hitting skills and may be available at other practices as we work on individual skills and team drills during the field portions of the practice. All other coaches will manage practices and games for whatever team they are assigned to.

What type of skills will my son be taught?

All players and my coaches are taught by our coaches and utilize Chad Moeller’s playbook. This ensures consistency for all players should a player be moved up a level to another team. The organization is set up just like the minor league system.

Is my child guaranteed a certain amount of playing time?

No child is guaranteed playing time. We will roster up to 12-14 players for each team. Since there are only nine playing spots on the field, coaches will rotate players according to the situation. We encourage players to be open with playing multiple positions. It is not promised that every player will receive equal playing time. In baseball there are key positions that must be addressed. If your child plays one of these key positions then his playing time may be high. Catcher and shortstop are critical positions and cannot be overlooked. The team depends on these positions to be strong. Outside of the key positions, I will work with the team coaches to base decisions on the following criteria, in this order:

Skill level
Work ethic

What does it cost for my child to play?

Fee Structure:
Monthly fees. For all teams there is a Season Fee, paid in either one payment in full or 3 payments.  The fee includes the cost of the batting cages, coaches, league fees, tournaments, and field practice times.
Each player will be responsible for purchasing a uniform consisting of a hat and game jerseys. Uniforms are in addition to the Season Fee. Practice jerseys can be purchased separately and are optional.
Tournament fees: Tournament Fees are now included in Season Fees and will not be billed separately.
League Fees: League fees are now included in Season Fees and will not be billed separately.

All fees will be run via credit or debit card on our secure account. Our Merchant Processor provides the highest level of encryption and security available. At the beginning of the season we will ask that you submit a credit or debit card. This card will be used to make future Team Dinger payments as they are due. The card that you use will be encrypted and kept on file to run all recurring monthly fees and uniform payments. If you receive a new or updated card during the season, please promptly provide the card information directly to Chad Moeller.

What is the Time Commitment?

3-4 days (max) a week for practices and games. Two practices a week are the norm. For example, most teams had hitting practice on Monday afternoon, fielding practice during the week and games on Saturday and Sunday.
Typically League games are not played on weekends with tournaments. Tournaments will consist of a minimum of three or four games with a maximum of five or six games over a weekend. Tournaments held during holiday weekends may run for three days.